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How can my organization participate in the Make a Striking Difference Program?

If you have not already been contacted by a Flamingo Bowl Manager, call us and we will direct you to the right person.

What is the program?

Fundraising for a Day!  Your organization can select a special date.  Monday to Thursday as a dedicated fundraising day.  Once a date has been selected, you will encourage your membership to patronize Flamingo Bowl on this day.  By doing so 20% of each check will be donated to your cause!  Flamingo Bowl will provide materials to help you promote the fundraising event as well as a flyer that members must present when they pay their bill.  This will ensure the group gets credit for the visit.


What do I have to do?

Not much, this is a very simple program!  All you will need to do is select your participation date.  Next you will need to promote the fundraiser to your membership.


How can we promote the event?

Flamingo Bowl will provide you with a flyer that explains the details of the program then distribute the flyer to your membership.  You can then: post the information on your website, send out an email to your membership, hand out flyers (but not to guests entering Flamingo Bowl!), put an ad in your bulletin or newsletter, create a page on a social networking site (Facebook/Twitter/Instragram) with event details.

How far in advance should you promote?

Two weeks prior to your event.


How does the program work?


1. Bring this flyer into Flamingo Bowl and present it at the counter.

2. Ask the counter staff member to apply the flyer’s charity code to their check.

3. Review their check to ensure the code has been applied.

4. Pay their check and give the flyer to a staff member.

If there are multiple checks during a visit members should follow the same steps for each check. At the end of their visit members should give the flyer and all the checks to a staff member. Flamingo Bowl will then record 20% of the pre-tax amount of the check as a donation to your organization.

What paperwork does our organization need to provide?

If you are a non profit, you will need to provide a letter that confirms your 501 C 3 status (non profit status) and a signed W9 form.

When will we receive the check?

Approximately three weeks after your event.

Your Fundraising Partner

Flamingo Bowl is proud to partner with your organization to help make a striking difference in your fundraising efforts.

We are excited to offer your members a fun & unique experience that will also generate donations for your cause.